Too Cool

By Pierre and Jeanne Matisse
 “When two souls have finally found each other there is established between them a union which begins on earth and continues forever in Heaven.”
    Victor Hugo
As this election draws near and the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season quickly approach we wanted to give everyone a special gift something personal from the two of us.

As you look around, and within, it is important to remember that there is a difference between obsession, fanaticism and passion.  True passion grows out of love.  True love brings freedom and with freedom comes choice and with choice comes responsibility - so we must choose wisely.   Ah, now there’s the rub - nothing is free, not even freedom.  However, now for the good news: it is a price one won't mind paying, in fact, it won't seem like a burden at all, but rather a privilege.  If you are passionate about anything you must be passionate about  your freedom and so… you must be passionate in your concern and service to your Country by getting involved and voting in a way that protects your loved ones and you.

Passion is great when it comes straight from the heart.  It is said that “Where your heart is-therein lies your treasure.” 

Do you know where your heart is?  There is one sure way to find out, take your passion pulse.  One can be passionate about their soul mate, their family, their friends, pets, work, sports and activities that are pursued both professionally and as a hobby. Think about it, we all know someone who is passionate about a person, place or other pursuit.  Passion is a wonderful thing that not only motivates us but helps us prioritize our life.  Passion develops dreams and gives us incentive to achieve, using our special gifts.  So what is your heart’s desire? .  You are not alone in this.  If God has placed a yearning deep inside your heart you can be sure He will give you the vision and courage to pursue it. 

To truly love another is to have a soul mate.
There are basic laws of nature involved in love.   Passion has requirements:
  • First, Goodness, there must be goodness within one’s soul;
  • Second, Selflessness, this passion will allow us to die to self and be selfless in pursuit and dedication;
  • Third, Happiness, our happiness comes by way of the joy of the one we love, an expression of our love that we give to one another;
  • Fourth, Trust, we cannot ask anything yet must commit all that we have and all that we are to another; and
    Fifth, Faith, we must believe in the one we love.

To love one must be brave for love requires great risk, taking us out of our comfort zone and making us come alive.  As love surrenders control, it is replaced by trust and faith.  When we love it opens up our hearts, and we become passionate about all of Life.  Suddenly, your gifts become more important, you will find that you are free to pursue your hidden treasures.  Your dreams are all within your reach.  Love brings freedom of the spirit - giving us wings to risk in all life’s endeavors.  We become daring for we see ourselves and our great passion through the eyes of love.

The secret to love is to be a giver.  For the purposes of love there are really only two kinds of people on the planet, givers and takers.  You can’t out-give each other, expect nothing yet receive all… need we say more?

Each night we go to sleep in the arms of the one we love with a prayer of Thanksgiving, and every morning we awake in each others arms and give Praise for the miracle that is our love and the excitement of a new day.  Love allows us to risk in other areas of our lives for we have everything we need for happiness in each other.

‘Passion’ has two steady companions - ‘compassion’ and ‘grace’.

The more you give to each other, the more you'll find you have to give to others, for you will find you are filled above measure with compassion and an abundance of love.

 If you don’t have a soul mate then you must learn to love yourself for what is in your heart and soul.  This same passion can be found in pursuing any interest you have.  The same laws of nature and secrets of love apply with the same results - for passion and love are synonymous.  The treasure buried deep within your heart will be encouraged by your natural abilities or talents.  The security, comfort and great joy you will experience will fill you to overflowing, and in turn you will find ways to share this with others. 

Christmas is truly about Love – God’s love for us.  God’s plan for Christ to come and live and teach among us.  Christ’s example and the price he paid for our salvation is the epitome of a true love story.

So this season approaches its fine to get excited and ‘passionate’ about your favorite team and the wonderful gifts you may give or receive or the time and good food shared with family and friends.  However…if you really want to feel excitement think about all God has given you and shout with joy!  If you don’t know what to shout we suggest “Glory” this word is a spiritual vitamin, a real giant.  Irregardless of circumstances we have never met anyone who could even whisper to God the word ‘Glory’ three times without feeling their soul lifted.

 Sharing and giving of one’s self is what Christmas is all about.  That is why we wanted to share this with you.

Your passion will make the world a better place every day, and every season.
Life is just ‘Too Cool’.